Large Network Visualizations

Interactive visualizations of large networks using community detection and force-directed layouts

How it works

MyAnimeList Recommendations

Nodes are anime, edges are user recommendations. (2022)
Original node count:4,843
Original edge count:21,646

Ingredient Flavor Compounds

Nodes are ingredients, edges are shared flavor compounds.
Original node count:1,496
Original edge count:221,753

Subreddit Hyperlinks

Nodes are subreddits, edges are hyperlinks between posts on subreddits. (2014-2017)
Original node count:65,648
Original edge count:308,838

Twitch Streamers

Nodes are Twitch streamers, edges are shared viewers. (2021)
Original node count:1,669
Original edge count:20,915

Berkeley-Stanford Web Graph

Nodes are pages on and, edges are hyperlinks. (2002)
Original node count:654,782
Original edge count:6,581,870